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To enjoy his winter break, and birthday and get some pre-season training in his bag, Lewis Hamilton went all the way to Antarctica with his close friends.

While his trip was filled with a bunch of fun activities, including running around with Penguins and Seals, a few pictures and videos of him surfaced on the internet which had fans go crazy.

The video was shared by Shaun White, a 3-time Olympic Gold-medallist and also the Briton’s friend who went on the trip.

The clip captured a glimpse of Lewis Hamilton cosily sitting next to a ‘mysterious lady.’ Fans so far have known that the 7-time world champion is single, therefore when this video surfaced it burst into massive gossip.

But this is also not the first time that it has happened. Hamilton, being a popular sportsman with a huge fan following mostly falls in the centre of such rumours whenever he gets seen hanging with any woman.

Although, about the woman in Antarctica, fans dug around and suddenly there was a rumour that Hamilton is dating none other than Juliana Nalu. But who is she?

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Who is Juliana Nalu?

Juliana Nalu is a Brazillian model who used to date Kanye West. She is signed to multiple agencies including Mix Models, MGM Models and Elite Model Management, as per page six.

Recently, she gained a lot of popularity when she presented herself in her first-ever fashion show for the brand 6 PM in Milan. Nalu has a massive fan following on her Instagram with 845,000 fans.

In October, it was reported that she and West were both in Paris around the same time and were rumoured to be dating. In some of her Instagram posts, Nalu was seen modelling to two of West’s songs and flaunting a Yeezy sunglass.

Lewis Hamilton, Nina Dobrev ve Shaun White ile beraber Antartika’da tatilde ❄️ pic.twitter.com/kX92JXmWvQ

— Hamilton Türk 🇹🇷 (@HamiltonTurk) January 6, 2023

Lewis Hamilton and Camila Kendra

Apart from Nalu, the 7-time world champion has also been rumoured to be dating Camila Kendra.

Kendra is a Dominican-born model but she has been raised in Miami. In 2021, the rumours of her dating Hamilton came to the surface after fans spotted a post on Kendra’s social media.

She had posted a photo of herself in Hamilton’s house but later it was reported that the duo have ended their relationship. But like any other gossip of such sort, none of them acknowledged the rumours.

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Who else has the 7x champion dated?

The Briton has a rich dating history, he has dated multiple women to date but only Nicole Scherzinger remained for a long time.

Danielle Lloyd (2002-2003)

Before he had even made his debut in Formula 1, Hamilton was quite a popular sportsman. Back in 2002, he dated Danielle Lloyd for about six months but it soon ended as they were in a long-distance relationship.

Regardless of that, the duo remained friends. Hamilton even supported her during Miss England winning campaign in 2004.

Jodie Ma (2002-2007)

According to the Sun, Hamilton was reported to be dating Jodie Ma while being in a relationship with Lloyd.

The Briton met Ma, the daughter of a Hong-Kong based entrepreneur Ma Bo-Kee, at Cambridge and the duo dated each other for four years.

Hamilton and Ma broke up in 2007 because his hectic schedule in Formula 1 prevented Hamilton from seeing her every day. Although, the Mercedes star has claimed that Ma is his best friend and the duo are in touch with each other on daily basis.

Lotta Hinsta (2007)

Hamilton made his debut in the sport in 2007 with the McLaren F1 team and stayed there until the 2012 season.

While his time with the Woking-based team, the Briton came close to McLaren’s doctor Aki Hinsta’s daughter Lotta Hinsta in 2007.

Hinsta was also Miss Finland and despite getting caught on camera multiple times, the duo always claimed that they were nothing more than ‘just friends.’

Vivian Burkhardt (2008)

It seems like Hamilton dated many models during his time. He was reported to have a brief relationship with Vivian Burkhardt, who was a former Miss World.

The German model claimed that Hamilton had invited her to his Switzerland house for a party. Later, they were also spotted together on the red carpet at the Cannes Fim Festival. But like many of his short-lived romances, this relationship also ended pretty quickly.

Nicole Scherzinger (2008-2015)

The most popular of Hamilton’s relationships is the one he had with the American singer Nicole Scherzinger.This relationship was filled with multiple setbacks and they split up many times during their time together.

These breakups hurt Hamilton to an extent that it even affected his performance in the 2011 championship season. Along with his family, Scherzinger was also there cheering for the champion when he grabbed his first championship title in the 2008 season.

After several years of on-and-off between the two, they finally brought their relationship to an end in 2015.

Rihanna (2015)

Another American pop sensation that the Mercedes champ was rumoured to have dated was Rihanna. In 2015, Rihanna’s break up with ASAP Rocky made headlines all over the world and during that time she was often spotted with Hamilton at dinners.

The suspicion about the nature of their relationship got even more serious when the duo went to Barbados to celebrate Kadooment day.

Although, the Mercedes star has never admitted that he was with Rihanna in any sort of romantic relationship. He has always claimed that the duo are good friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Veronica Valle (2015)

Unlike many of his relationships, the reports of Hamilton’s relationship with Veronica Valle were never solid.

But in 2015, speaking to the Sun, Valle revealed multiple bad sides of the Mercedes star. She claimed that the F1 star body shamed her on her eating habits and even accused him of having temper issues.

Rita Ora (2016-2017)

The first time that Hamilton and Rita Ora were spotted together was in 2016. Multiple reports had suggested that the Ora had a crush on the 3-time world champion at the time.

In the 2016 season, Ora even headed to the final showdown at the Abu Dhabi GP to cheer the Mercedes star against his archrival Nico Rosberg for the world championship title.

Later in 2017, the duo were also spotted together in a music studio but they never confirmed the status of their relationship to the public.

Although, on an interesting note, in 2018, Hamilton released his first song in collaboration with Christina Aguilera titled ‘Pipe.’

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Barbara Palvin (2017-2018)

The talks about Hamilton’s relationship with the supermodel Barbara Palvin began in 2017 when the duo were spotted together partying in Monaco during the Grand Prix weekend.

After a year, both of them were also spotted in an Instagram video in Budapest and were later spotted at a sushi dinner.

But nothing solid was reported about them in the following years and the rumours died down.

Winnie Harlow (2016, 2018)

Hamilton is a huge celebrity even outside the world of motorsports and he often gets invited to massive events worldwide.

In one such event, Hamilton and Winnie Harlow were seen cosying up to each other during the GQ awards in 2016.

Again at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York in 2018, Hamilton and Harlow were seen together. But Hamilton has always clarified that he and Harlow are nothing but friends and nothing ever happened during their time together.

Sofia Richie (2017)

Once again, Hamilton was seen together with Sofia Richie on multiple occasions in 2017 and one of the major ones being the Paris Fashion Week.

There was a 14-year of the age difference between the two never happened to be an issue for them. Nevertheless, they moved on from each other pretty quickly.

Nicki Minaj (2016, 2018)

Rumours had sparked among the fans that Hamilton and Nicki Minaj were dating but like many other celebrities, none of them ever clarified their relationship.

For the first time, they were spotted together at the Alexander Wang fashion show in 2016. Then again in 2018, they were seen together in New York when Minaj went to attend the champion’s TommyXLewis launch party 2018.

They were seen holding hands at the launch party but despite that, they never clarified the status of their togetherness to the public.

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Zahra Elise (2019)

In 2019, Hamilton was spotted with Zahra Elise in Los Angeles at a petrol station where he put his hand on her neck. He is said to be returning home from Kevin Hart’s 40th birthday party.

Although, the reports around them claim that they are only good friends.

Viktoria Odintcova

Victoria Odintcova is a Russian model who once told RT that she and Hamilton were something of an item for some time.

She claimed that there was a point when the duo were even dating each other but given the distance between them, they eventually settles as friends.

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